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Michael                Nerd One

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Michael is a long time player of Dungeons and Dragons and other tabletop games. Michael loves to gamemaster more than play (control freak).   Favorite game:  D&D.    Currently into: Game of Thrones and podcasting

Vince                     Nerd Two

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Vince is your general purpose nerd. He loves all manner of nerdiness including tabletop and video gaming (short attention span).  Currently into: Fallout 4

Kitty                 Nerdy chick

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Kitty is a World of Warcraft freek (super nerd). She also enjoys games similar to WOW (one track mind). Currently into: Smite on PS4 and Pokemon App game.

Libby             Other nerdy chick

Libby grew up around rpgs (my dad totally brought me here). She is into the horror genre gaming and movies. Currently into: Horror

Dan               Angry Nerd

Dan is an old school game who has played all kinds of rpgs in his 100 years on the earth. He is also a video game fan (grow up, dude). Currently into: Fallout 4

Joseph           The Thinking Nerd

Joseph plays every tabletop and rpg known to man and some that have yet to be discovered yet. He is a tabletop, wargaming and miniatures expert.


Kristi              The Artsy Nerd

Kristi is an extremely well rounded general purpose gaming geek. She enjoys everything nerd and has the best nerd laugh among the Rollin’ Nerds.

Alicia             The Spiritual Nerd


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