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Episode 48 Star Trek Adventures Episode 4

The crew of the USS Montgomery is once again on the trail of a missing vessel. This time it is a civilian survey vessel and it has gone missing in the area of two inhabited pre warp cultures. This could be a sticky situation for the crew of the Montgomery.


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Episode 43 Star Trek Adventures Episode 2 Part 1

The crew of the Montgomery has survived the destruction of the wormhole.  After dealing with the repercussions of their actions in the first adventure they set out on their next mission.  But, before they can get started on their mission they may have to deal with some interfering allies.

Episode 40 Star Trek Adventures Character Creation

In this episode we create characters for a Star Trek Adventures game of indeterminate length.

Episode 10 Numenera Part 2

In the second half of our look at Numenera we get down to the actual play. The group meets along the wandering walk and encounters strangeness Numenera style. Why do these people pile jaw bones around the entrances to their homes? Who is Slaytongue and why are the people so afraid of him/it?

Do the Rollin Nerds like Numenera? You’ll want to listen to the review for this one!