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DD33 Dungeons and Dragons Episode 33

The group has located the lair of the red dragon and is ready to enter. But the question is, are they ready for the dragon itself?

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Episode 49 Everyone is John Part Deux John Returns

We return again to the story of insane John. John has an entire new set of voices in his head and is out for a new adventure in Music City.


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DD32 Dungeons and Dragons Episode 14

Scar has led the group to the village of Mournstead in search of an ancient dragon hoard. An old friend reappears and the group questions the wisdom of new alliances. And don’t forget there’s a weird disappearing mountain and maybe a red dragon somewhere in the mix,

DD31 Dungeons and Dragons Episode 13

The heroes have retrieved the key and map from the orc warlord and are on their way to the village of Mournstead to check out the mysterious mountain. Is it there or not?

DD30 Dungeons and Dragons Episode 12

The Iron Warlord is dead and the heroes have gone back to living their lives in a post Iron Warlord world.  Families for some, politics for others and explorations for other members of the group have taken up their time for the past year.

In this episode one year has passed since the battle with the Iron Warlord.  Scar returns to Thrume and asks for the assistance of the group in tracking down the treasure horde of his former dragon patron.

DD28 Dungeons and Dragons Episode 11 Part 1

The heroes have evacuated the town of Thrume in front of the invading army. They now have to evaluate their situation and options on how to proceed. Additionally an old acquaintance reappears in an unexpected location.

DD26 Dungeons and Dragons Episode 10 Part 1

The heroes continue trekking through the dungeon in search of the artifact. Meanwhile back above ground a battle begins but exactly who is fighting?

Episode 43 Star Trek Adventures Episode 2 Part 1

The crew of the Montgomery has survived the destruction of the wormhole.  After dealing with the repercussions of their actions in the first adventure they set out on their next mission.  But, before they can get started on their mission they may have to deal with some interfering allies.

Episode 42 Star Trek Adventures Episode 1 Part 2

The crew of the Montgomery works to unravel the mystery of the out of place Bajorans and the Klingon treasure hunters. Could the crew be on the precipice of a major blunder?

DD24 Dungeons and Dragons Episode 9 Part 1

After their travels across the continent, the heroes have returned home. But home is not the same as when they left. And an old travelling companion makes an unexpected appearance.