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Episode 61 John Carter of Mars Part 1

In this episode the Nerds tackle the Modiphius game John Carter of Mars.  Fair warning: We are not extremely well versed in the John Carter world so we struggle with names and places but we eventually figure out most of them. Come back for Part 2 to get our review and scores for the game.

Episode 59 Fiasco Last Christmas in O’Hare

It’s Christmas Eve in O’Hare Airport and everyone is snowed in.  There is something odd happening at Joey’s Burgers and what exactly is in that chopped pork sandwich anyway?

Episode 58 Masks of Nyarlathotep Episode 4 Part 2

This is the conclusion of Episode 4 which was truncated in the uploading for some reason. Here is the rest of the episode with apologies for missing the end.

Episode 57 Masks of Nyarlathotep Episode 4

The investigators are delving into the mystery of the Carlisle expedition and are starting to learn the truth about what is happening.  And the truth may be eroding their sanity. And a second trip to the Juju house may be in the offing.

DD35 Curse of Strahd Episode 1 Part 2

The heroes are not in Kansas anymore.  Well they never were in Kansas, but you get the idea…  They are in a strange new place and nothing seems the same.  And what’s with these creepy kids and this weird house. Time to do some exploring.


DD34 Curse of Strahd Episode 1 Part 1

In the first episode of Curse of Strahd we meet the heroes and begin the story.

People are disappearing and it appears wolves are responsible. But these may not be normal wolves

Episode 53 Kagegami High Part 2

The Nerds continue their education at Kagegami High. A new girl shows up at Kagegami and what is that on the horizon? A sharkicane!

Episode 51 Mutants and Masterminds Part 1

The Nerds tackle Mutants and Masterminds in George R. R. Martins Wild Cards universe.

Set largely during an alternate history of the United States, the series follows humans who contracted the Wild Card virus, an alien virus that rewrites DNA and mutates survivors; those who acquire minor or crippling physical conditions are known as Jokers, and those who acquire superhuman abilities are known as Aces.

The Nerds are Aces in New York tracking down clues to stop a disaster at a planned charity concert in Central Park. Will they solve the mystery and avert disaster? Or will they cause more harm than good?

GOT5 Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 5 The Wolf and the Lion

The heat is getting turned up in King’s Landing. Tyrion arrives at the Eyrie. Join the Rollin Nerds as we take a spoiler free look at A Game of Thrones.


GOT4 Season 1 Episode 4 Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things

The Rollin Nerds take a spoiler free look at Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 4 Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things.

In King’s Landing Ned continues to search for clues. In the North there’s a new recruit at the Night’s Watch. And over in Essos Dany is becoming more and more the Kahleesi of the Dothraki.