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Episode 32 Rockalypse Part 2

It is part 2 of high school hell. The Rollin Nerds are rockers in high school during the apocalypse. It’s battle of the bands week but Kitty is in trouble for not doing homework, ever! Can the gang get the homework together in time for the big showdown with the other band?

Episode 31 Rockalypse Part 1

Welcome to post-apocalyptic musical conflict!
The world has ended, and only music can save what’s left. Grab your instruments, form your band, and get ready to fight  using the only real weapon: ROCK!

The Rollin Nerds are back in high school. And it’s hell, literally. The nerds are the members of a metal band in high school after the apocalypse. They use their instruments and music ability to battle enemies in high school hell.