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Descent Into Avernus Part 4

The adventurers emerge from the bathhouse dungeon with Mortlock in tow and head out in search of another Vanthamphur.

Episode 68 Masks of Nyarlathotep New York Part 2

The investigators are on the trail on the murderers of Jackson Elias and along the way stumble into death cults, police frameups and people with lots of secrets to hide.

Episode 64: Masks of Nyarlathotep Peru Part 1

A group of investigators travels to Peru to investigate (and maybe get rich from) an ancient and mysterious pyramid. There are just a few issues with which to deal. Like, first of all, their travelling companions may be hiding something. And maybe there is something to the old South American legends.


Episode 59 Fiasco Last Christmas in O’Hare

It’s Christmas Eve in O’Hare Airport and everyone is snowed in.  There is something odd happening at Joey’s Burgers and what exactly is in that chopped pork sandwich anyway?

Episode 54 Masks of Nyarlathotep

In this episodes the Rollin Nerds kick off the classic Call of Cthulhu campaign Masks of Nyarlathotep.

In the opening episode the characters are contacted by an old friend who needs a team of investigators. Sounds simple enough, right?

Episode 51 Mutants and Masterminds Part 1

The Nerds tackle Mutants and Masterminds in George R. R. Martins Wild Cards universe.

Set largely during an alternate history of the United States, the series follows humans who contracted the Wild Card virus, an alien virus that rewrites DNA and mutates survivors; those who acquire minor or crippling physical conditions are known as Jokers, and those who acquire superhuman abilities are known as Aces.

The Nerds are Aces in New York tracking down clues to stop a disaster at a planned charity concert in Central Park. Will they solve the mystery and avert disaster? Or will they cause more harm than good?

Episode 50 Fuhgeddaboudit

The Rollin Nerds have joined the Vegas mob. To move up in the organization all they need to do is dispose of a troublesome accountant.

It’s just a pleasant drive through the desert, what could possibly go wrong? Fuhgeddaboudit!


Special Episode Interview with Sam Webb from Modiphius

In this special episode we speak with Star Trek Adventures Line Manager Sam Webb. We get into the nuts and bolts of the game and discuss other things happening at #modiphius . We talk about #StarTrekAdventures #JohnCarterofMars #Fallout:WastelandWarfare. And is there a possibility for an #ElderScrolls tabletop RPG? Listen to find out!

Episode 46 Murder on the City of New Orleans Part 2

We conclude the Fiasco Murder on the City of New Orleans. Its a madhouse aboard this train. It’s multiple murders, private detectives, and Canadian voodoo, oh my!