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DD6B D and D Fiasco Part 2

The second part of the D and D Fiasco game.

DD9 Dungeons and Dragons Episode 2 Part 1

The heroes return from their encounter with the elves and reunite with a lost part member. The group makes plans to check out the henge described by the elves and see what might be happening there.

DD8 Dungeons and Dragons Episode 1 Part 2

In Part 2 the crew continues the search for the missing Hubert. What seems like a routine search and rescue mission may lead the gang to something much bigger. Perhaps, much bigger….

DD7 Dungeons and Dragons Episode 1 Part 1

In this episode we get down to the actual play in the world we have created. The once mighty orc empire has suddenly collapsed for some unknown reason. The sidhe are seemingly going extinct. Everywhere prophets and seers are predicting the return of the elves, who have been gone from the world for millennia. What does it all mean? And how do the heroes factor into coming events?

DD6 D and D Fiasco

We kick off the action with our new D and D game with a game of D and D Fiasco. The characters get to know each other and some of the things going on in the world as we play this Fiasco playset designed specifically for D and D games.

DD5 Character Creation

In this episode we create an in depth background for our characters. We begin in early childhood and take a look at the events that have shaped their lives and brought them to where they are as the campaign begins.

DD4 World Creation Microscope Part 2

We finish up the timeline for our world. The High Orcs build a world wide empire and just abandon it. The Sidhe drive themselves to near extinction through Civil War. Prophecies predict the return of the long dead elves.

Minotaur airship pirates, evil gnomes, troll bards, what madness is this?

The setting is complete for the introduction of our heroes. What part will they play in all this?

DD3 World Creation Microscope Part 1

We continue with the seminal stage of our epic Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

In episode 3 we create the historical timeline of our world with Microscope.

The nations of the world meet in council to discuss a great threat to the world. Will this first world council start a long period of peace and cooperation? Where’s the fun in that?

DD1 Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition – Dawn of Worlds Part 1

This is the first episode of our extended campaign for D&D 5th edition. In this episode we play Dawn of Worlds to create the world in which our campaign will be based. In this episode we create the physical geography and climate of the world. This episode is probably only for the hardcore gamer as it is a bit dry.

In episode 2 we will begin adding races, cities and other aspects. Episode 2 will be a little more interactive and may be a better place to start listening if your aren’t into the real nuts and bolts of creating a world.

You have been warned!