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DD45 D & D Acquirer of Items Part 2

The gang arrives at the village of Winterwolf in the frozen north. Just a brief trek on dog sleds across the wintery wilderness to pick up a possibly insane wizard and we get the reward. Sounds simple enough.

DD44 Dungeons and Dragons Acquirer of Items Part 1

The heroes meet up in a tavern because, of course they do. They are approached by a friend who has a very lucrative offer of employment. So naturally an offer of a huge sum of gold for a seemingly easy task will go well. They always do.

DD43 Character Background Creation

In this episode we work up the backgrounds for the characters for the new campaign. Apologies for the sound quality, we have already upgraded some equipment to correct the issue.

DD42 Microscope Campaign Reboot

In this episode we trash the world we created and played in for over a year.  We send the world through periods of destruction and mayhem and launch the world into an apocalypse. Listen in as we destroy the planet! (Not yours, ours.)

And continue to listen to the campaign resulting from this chaos.

DD41 Campaign Review

In this episode we review the history of our D & D campaign world and talk about the previous campaign. In coming episodes we will update the campaign history through Microscope and begin a new campaign in the world we have created. For now, time to catch up with old friends and relive the past.

Waterdeep: A Tale of Two Fishies – D & D Forgotten Realms Adventure

By request of a friend of the pod we play and review Waterdeep: A Tale of Two Fishies.

Waterdeep: A Tail of Two Fishies is a comedic heist adventure to steal the Xanathar’s goldfish Sylgar from right under the beholder’s eyes.

DD39 Curse of Strahd Episode 5 Part 1

The heroes are on the trail of drow kidnappers. But they may have followed them to somewhere they don’t want to be.

DD37 Curse of Strahd Episode 4

The heroes have agreed to assist the burgemeister’s son and set out to do so.  It seems, however, that all the party members may not have the same objectives in mind.