On this page we will post the scores of our reviews of the games we play. For more information about our reviews, listen to the appropriate episode of the podcast.

Our scoring system uses the polyhedral dice commonly used in role playing games.


D4         Critical Fumble


D6           Miss


D8        Hit


D10    Solid Hit


D12    Critical Hit


D20      TPK


Savage Worlds/ Throwdown at the North Pole

Savage Worlds

Danny                                   D12

Kristi                                     D10

Joseph                                 D6

Libby                                    D20

Mike                                     D10

Vince                                   D8

Average                             11


Overall we enjoy the idea of the Savage Worlds system. Most of the group finds the combat system in Savage Worlds to be too slow and tedious. We like the flexibility of character creation and the ability to play many types of games with one system. We find the combat takes too long and can get boring.

Throwdown at the North Pole

Danny                                   D10

Kristi                                     D12

Joseph                                 D10

Libby                                    D12

Mike                                     D12

Vince                                   D12

Average                             11.333

The group agreed that Throwdown at the North Pole is a fun little scenario for a one session game. The idea is basic and requires some imagination on the part of the Gamemaster and the players. If you can flex your imagination muscles you should have fun with this scenario



Kitty                       D12

Dan                         D12

Kristi                       D10

Joseph                    D10

Vince                      D20

Michael                 D20

Average                14.00

This is our highest rated game to date. Everyone rated it at least above average. Michael and Vincent each gave the game a D20, the highest score possible.

The Rollin Nerds enjoy the emphasis on exploration and the strangeness of the Numenera world. We enjoy the game mechanics and storytelling aspects of Numenera. The only negatives we found were in the combat mechanics which are a little slow and not what we are accoustomed to. We also discovered some minor confusing elements in the core rule book.


Advanced Dimensional Green Ninja Educational Preparatory Super-Elementary Fortress 555


Kitty                                           D20

Dan                                            D8

Kristi                                         D20

Joseph                                       D12

Vince                                         D12

Mike                                          D6

Average                                   13.00

ADGNEPSSF555 is a game for particular tastes. If you are a tactical heavy gamer, for instance, this game is not for you. If you like wild and crazy role playing with very limited game rules this game is for you. From the Rollin Nerds perspectives Kitty and Kristi each gave it D20 the highest possible rating. Michael and Danny on the other hand rated it significantly lower. Your interest in the game will depend on your personality. Not for everyone but definitely a great game for some. Overall score is the highest to date from the Rollin Nerds.

Swift Saga


Kitty                                        D8

Vince                                      D8

Danny                                    D6

Kristi                                      D10

Joseph                                   D8

Mike                                      D8

Average                                7.91728


Swift Saga is a good quick game for times when you don’t have a lot of time to prepare ahead of time. It is a quick fun game with not a lot of rules to learn. For negatives there are some game play issues with how some cards interact with other cards. Recommended.



Kitty                                           D12

Dan                                             D10

Libby                                         D12

Kristi                                         D8

Joseph                                     D10

Vince                                       D12

Mike                                        D10

Average                              10.57142

The Rollin Nerds overall recommend the game Microscope. We would recommend it as tool to create a world for your rpg game more than as a stand alone game.




Kitty            D8

Vincent      D12

Dan              D8

Libby           D8

Eric              D10

Michael    D12

Average  9.666667


Dragon Slayers Play Set

Dragon Slayers




Kitty     D12

Vincent  D12

Dan D6

Libby  D12

 Eric D10

Michael D6

Average    9.666667




So, overall the Rollin Nerds would recommend both Fiasco and the Dragon Slayers play set. We would recommend the Main Street play set from the Fiasco Core Rulebook for your first  Fiasco. We refer to it in the podcast as the Small Southern Town play set. Of the play sets we have played that is the one we enjoyed the most.