Rollin Nerdy Episode 1 Part B Fiasco: Dragon Slayers

In this continuation of episode 1 we complete scene 2.

Act II comprised of scenes 3 and 4 will be released in approximately two weeks.

Episode 1 Fiasco: Dragons Slayers Part One

In our inaugural episode, we introduce ourselves and tell you about our gaming backgrounds and interests. We then explore the group storytelling game from Bully Pulpit Games: Fiasco.

In Dragon Slayers the adventurers¬†have just slain the dragon that has been terrorizing the village. Now they are hanging around to absorb the accolades of the town and divvy up the dragon’s treasure hoard. But something more sinister is going on behind the scenes. Will any of the adventurers survive to enjoy the spoils of their victory?

Fiasco: Dragon Slayers Part 1

We had a great time (again) playing the group storytelling game Fiasco. Our session is from the viewpoint of regular folks and gamers playing the game Fiasco. In Dragon Slayers the nerds are a group of adventurers who have just rescued the village from the great dragon. The adventurers are still in the village accepting the accolades of the villagers and apparently plotting how to destroy each other at the same time.

There are several podcasts out there which feature professional actors, writers and improvisers playing Fiasco. One of my favorites is called The Tilt. Look for it in itunes or stitcher. They have not published a new episode in a couple of months, but they do have several episodes available now.

Fiasco: Dragon Slayers Part 1


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We recently complete our first recording. We played the group storytelling game from Bully Pulpit Games, Fiasco.

The post will be up soon along with our review of the game as well as the play set we played: Dragon Slayers.

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Our first actual play podcast… Fiasco


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