The Best and Worst Games We Have Played So Far

We have been podcasting for a little over a year now and have reviewed several games and scenarios. Some we have really loved and others….not so much.

According to the Rollin’ Nerds, the best game we have played (excluding all versions of D and D and Pathfinder) is Numenera! And the worst is Unbelievable Macho Bullsh*t.

Here is the full list of games we have reviewed with their scores:

Numenera 14.0000
ADGNEPSSF555 13.0000
Dresden Files 12.6667
Everyone is John 12.5700
Savage Worlds 11.0000
Microscope 10.5714
All Flesh Must Be Eaten 10.0000
Fiasco 9.6667
Swift Saga 7.7143
Call of Cthulhu D20 6.0000
Unbelievable Macho 5.4286

We have also reviews four scenarios/ playsets for various games. Here are those games and scores:

We Cannot Hallow This Ground (Call of Cthulhu) 16.8000
Twang Town  (Fiasco) 12.0000
Throwdown at the North Pole (Savage Worlds_ 11.3330
Dragon Slayers  (Fiasco) 9.6667

Please feel free to express your opinions on any of these games/ scenarios or suggest a game you would like for us to play and review.