DD13 Dungeons and Dragons Episode 4 Part 2

The heroes have reached the end of the first part of their journey. They meet the emissary of Oda and receive the artifacts promised by the elves. But the emissary also has some bad news. News about the real enemy and the quest before them.

Episode 32 Rockalypse Part 2

It is part 2 of high school hell. The Rollin Nerds are rockers in high school during the apocalypse. It’s battle of the bands week but Kitty is in trouble for not doing homework, ever! Can the gang get the homework together in time for the big showdown with the other band?

DD13 Dungeons and Dragons Episode 4 Part 1

The heroes have finally made it to the location of the ancient elven cache.  After trekking across the continent and completing the gauntlet they arrive at a mysterious room.  The stranger in the room appears to be mysterious and possibly quite powerful. Is he a god, or could he be dangerous?

Episode 31 Rockalypse Part 1

Welcome to post-apocalyptic musical conflict!
The world has ended, and only music can save what’s left. Grab your instruments, form your band, and get ready to fight  using the only real weapon: ROCK!

The Rollin Nerds are back in high school. And it’s hell, literally. The nerds are the members of a metal band in high school after the apocalypse. They use their instruments and music ability to battle enemies in high school hell.

DD12 Dungeons and Dragons Episode 3 ALL

This is the catch up episode in our Dungeons and Dragons’ campaign. Will the group continue to blindly follow the instructions of the elves?  What exactly is hidden beneath the great mountain that has such importance?

New Long Running Campaign

Coming soon the Rollin Nerds will embark on a new long running campaign. We will continue our Dungeons and Dragons campaign and we will continue to play and review RPG’s. This will be an additional continuing campaign in a non-fantasy genre. I (Game Mike) am currently looking at Stars Without Number as a possibility. SWN is a sci do game which is designed to be sandbox style and uses rules similar to 1st and 2nd edition D and D. If you have any experience with Stars Without Number or would like to suggest an alternative game for us leave a comment on this post.


Episode 30 Unbelievable Macho Bulls!*t

Brace yourself for the worst game we have ever played. GM Mike screwed up the rules and so we totally played the game wrong. Most of the Rollin Nerds agreed that the game would be bad even if we got it right, but we play it wrong and make it worse! But the Rollin Nerds can make anything fun. So jump in for some laughs and a really bad game!

DD11 Dungeons and Dragons Episode 2 Part 3

The heroes continue their journey through the frozen forest that seems to be alive and angry! The heroes arrive at the henge and discover they are not alone there.

Episode 29 Call of Cthulhu Part 2

Something strange is going on with the Gettysburg reburial project. This conclusion of our 1 year anniversary game features a unique combination of our Microscope Call of Cthulhu world we created in Episodes 3 and 4 and a scenario created by Ross Payton on RPPR Actual Play Podcast and Technical Difficulties Podcast.

In the second half the heroes are tracking down the person responsible for the strange occurrences at Gettysburg. As they near the truth something strange seems to be going on with the Covington woman.

DD10 Dungeons and Dragons Episode 2 Part 2

The heroes air ship has been shot down by minotaur airship pirates and they have crash landed on a cold and mostly deserted continent. What is out there and are the minotaurs still in pursuit? On a positive note the teenage normal tortle monks have disappeared.